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Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

It's a shame, you're so compatible, but you've always been curious what it would be like to have children. There you'll stand, waving your authority or a switch at him, and there he'll stand, waving his honesty and defiance right back at you.

Sagittarius Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

He can't understand why he's heard such awful things about you. By tomorrow he should be settled down enough to listen to reason. They involve a reputation and its precious value, but be sure you have them well-rehearsed and see that they ring true. Before the situation gets too black, the sun pops out from some unexpected source and shines on them, as if the sun wanted to reward Jupiter's pure and naive optimism.

Pentagon Members Profile: Pentagon Facts

Be generous, affectionate, enthusiastic, and don't try to keep him locked up in your pantry making fudge every night. He's a formidable foe, because he aims straight when he takes the time to focus on the victim.

You might try writing him a letter. And these are not medieval times. Many Sagittarians seek the stage, and no one is happier giving encore after encore for an excited audience.

Then they have another idiosyncrasy. His dreams will be all the sweeter for being wrapped in the cozy, familiar atmosphere of loving and happy people. It falls down and gets bruised quite often.

He's a flirt, that can't be denied, but he's not looking for sex alone. There are a few, but far less than the number accumulated by other Sun signs. But don't get pessimistic- because this man is an optimist supreme. A friendly, frank Sagittarius girl has just wound herself around your heart with her own, peculiar brand of charm.

But wait-what about that time you felt like a complete fool when you quoted the wrong figures at a sales meeting, and he led the laughter? Golly, didn't you understand what he meant? He may knock over the filing cabinet or spill coffee on the outgoing mail once in awhile, but what's a little clumsiness when he's so cheerful and willing to help?

The archer will take on a great cause with blind devotion and believe that the possibilities outweigh the shortcomings, an attitude that results from his brilliant imagination and progressive thinking.

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MONTH OF October. Gather with your tribe, Archer. The Sun is in Libra and your eleventh house of group activity until October 23, the perfect three weeks to network, entertain and collaborate.

Starting the week with the Moon in Sagittarius is always an advantage, giving you an intuitive edge from the get go.

Yet even though the Moon will leave in the early hours.

Love, Marriage, and Compatibility for Sagittarius

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Sagittarius dating profile
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